E2 Case Studies

Here's a compilation of useful case studies for tackling the energy & environment challenges - from E2 Challenge

Adoption of Electric Vehicle in Corporate Fleets

Comparing capital and operations costs in petrol vehicles, EV with only swappable batteries and in EVs with RE-battery. This case Study estimate the commercial viability of Electric Vehicles in Corporate Employee Transportation Segment.....

Performance Evaluation of EV Truck

Evaluate Electric performance for a period of one year with a test carried out in US for EV truck. The purpose was to handle innovation and to achieve the benefit in emission reduction and cost saving......

High Efficient EV Battery Charger

Optimize battery charging efficiency and electric vehicle policy by studying specific factors like level of charging, temperature, state of charge, and charging power -that affect battery charging

Low Carbon Emission Bus Fleet

The case study shows that only large cities with high financial capacity can provide subsidies to electrify public buses . Major cities, like London, Amsterdam, France, etc. have started switching to electric buses is an example for this......

EV Developments in Norway

A case study to support the development of EVs in Norway by providing incentives, awareness to reduce co2, free parking space and free toll roads

Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System Software Analyser

SaberRD, the Experiment Analyzer tool supports the implementation of the complex robust design methodologies and improves the design simulation productivity through automation analyses. The software helps to analysed the efficiency of an electric vehicle battery charging system with robust design ca.....

Complex Gearbox Durability Analysis

Analysis of parametric drivetrain models using a combination of FE structures coupled to bespoke gear and bearing contact models

Optimal Gear Design

A design software to support reliability-based design optimisation of gears, a flexible tool modelling, simulation and analysis. Also helps to improve to transmission and gearbox design to optimise manufacturing and production costs, further support product quality, and address issues including NV.....

Design of High Strength Lightweight Chassis

Advanced use of superior combination of strength and ductility steel for light weight. And advanced steel grades to support the customers in reducing their TCO, through offering a product optimised for the challenges of manufacturing chassis components......

Improved Design of Conventional Vehicle

Efficient transmission design to improve engine performance in conventional vehicles . CVT (continuously variable transmission) system replace rubber belt without adding cost, the efficiency of CVT is higher than other types.....

Preventive Maintenance Practices for Bus Fleets using AVM

The case study introduce the preventive maintenance/servicing undertaken to maintain equipment in a satisfactory operating condition, to avoid failures or major defects. In Washington they use AVM (Automatic vehicle Monitoring)system to support the preventive maintenances of commercial vehicle.....

Grid-Tied Solar Energy Storage System


The combination of solar PV and storage system (battery) by integrating it with utility grid, making renewable sources reliable and dispatchable.

Financial and Risk Analysis of Solar Tracker


Financial and risk analysis of three tracker system. First tracker with independently driven unit with linear actuator driven by DC motor second tracker with slew drive driven by a DC motor and the third one with central drive designed with multiple tracker.....

Floating Solar Technology for Better Performance

India | West Bengal

Vikram Solar installed a Solar power facility designed using 1kW fibreglass PV modules to produce a minimum of 14MWh of solar power annually. The system explore unutilized water bodies to reduce land use.....

Optimized Biaxial Solar Tracker

Digital technology to be used in large-scale utility ground-mounted solar, to reduce operational costs and increase the performance. The solar O&M sector is already highly digitalised, but of course new digital technologies become viable as their costs decrease......

Grid Parity Analysis of Solar PV with Battery Energy Storage System

Technical and economic model to determine the optimal sizing of a grid-connected PV-BESS (solar PV and battery energy storage system). This article presents the analysis of grid parity dynamics based on the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) to examine the timings and conditions for a PV-BESS to .....

High Efficiency Residential Solar Panels


The solar pv system contain patended optical system (lenses) that focus sunlight on tiny high yield photovoltaic cell. The designed system also contain a mechanism that can move the cells horizontally by a few millimeters each way to track the sun.....

PV Systems Operations & Maintenance - Best Practices - NREL USA

A detailed guide from a renowned organization such as NREL. Provides a check list and best practices, along with brief examples and case studies, for all key dimensions of both rooftop and ground mounted solar power plant operations & maintenance. An excellent reference guide......

Best practices in solar power plant operations & maintenance - Enel Green Power

A detailed guide and checklist of best practices in solar power plant maintenance by a leading global producer of renewable energy, enel green power. Covers Maintenance Strategy, Operational Efficiency and Diagnostic Analysis, Innovative Solutions in O&M such as solar cells optimizers, PID Solution,.....

High-Performance Bifacial Module for Better Yield

New York

An optimized bifacial system with higer peak power production and better performance ratio compared to conventional monofacial system. The higher value of peak power and performance ratio shows the better efficiency of bifacial modules in harvesting solar energy......

Increasing solar power plant performance with retrofit technologies

Greece, China, Italy

New avenues to increase electricity yields from operating solar power plants through anti-reflective coating, capturing reflected light and other retrofits

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